The Progressive Compass – Newsletter January 2020

Real Progressives News REAL PROGRESSIVES is always progressing. Here’s what’s new for us lately and what we’re working on. It’s Official: Real Progressives is a 501c(3) Organization! We’re ready to start taking on the world and your donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE under IRS Section 170 – and that, my friends, is really great news! This …

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Of Tweets And Trades

What source of external stimuli is more capable of affecting market conditions and behavior than the current Commander and Thief of the United States of America? What many of us perceive as a chaotic demeanor: the impetuousness, the impromptu, the helter-skelter, the stand up-stand down shuffle, the opportunistic commissions and the face-saving omissions could collectively be interpreted as deliberate and purposeful when viewed through the lens of insider trading on such an epic scale.

New Year, New Recommended Reading

The transition from trading fish and coconuts to using recognizable modern currency happens quickly, but don’t despair if you’re feeling macroeconomically challenged! This book is written for regular folks who are interested in learning how an economy with a sovereign fiat currency works without having to attend a university program to get there.

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