Content is organized by the following focus areas to help you find information and actions specific to your goals.

Education for Effective Activism

Peace with Justice

Nonaggression and diplomacy with global collaboration for peace. Learn more about collaborative efforts and information you can use in this space.

Equality with Justice

We fight for the dignity and justice for all neighbors. Explore the efforts underway now and learn about the tools and resources you can use to advance this cause.

Ecological Justice

Facing our Climate Crisis is a must for every person on this planet. We have an opportunity to take real action that matters and go further in this critical opportunity for all global citizens.


Freedom and dignity are assured through a functional democratic system. Learn how to preserve the rights we have and expand on fairness for all.

Technology and Innovation

The way we communicate, connect and organize plus the right tools to activate and educate are dependent of technology and innovative ideas.

Health and Wellness

No one is truly free without access to healthcare as a human right. Explore ideas and resources to help make access to care a reality for all.

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