Progressive Heroes Nomination Process

Example 1: The Big Picture

FDR was a champion FDRpicturein the Progressive Era, and as President, enacted sweeping Progressive reforms that helped working families across the United States our of poverty and into a more stable economic situation using programs that we rely on to this day. He took on members of his own party and the opposition party to addressing problems caused by industrialization, immigration, and corruption.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt help enact The New Deal, a series of programs, public work projects, financial reforms, and regulations, to address needed relief the Great Depression.

His work exemplifies Democracy, Environmental and Ecological Justice, Equality with Justice.

Example 2: Everyday Heroic Works

roseannrabiolamieleRose Ann Rabiola Miele is not only our Chief Financial Officer and Outreach Coordinator, she is also a dynamo at home in Nevada. Even in her retirement years, she still writes a compelling column for the Bolder City Review and still finds time to collect donations for the homeless, often cooking and preparing meals for hundreds of people several times per week. Her political outreach is seen through her many hours of working to register voters and educate people on Nevada’s caucus rules so that all can participate. She is a tireless champion for so many and keeps busy putting the needs of others first.

She exemplifies the knowledge areas of Democracy and Equality with Justice.

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