Real Progress in Action Endorses Lauren Ashcraft

Real Progress in Action proudly endorses Lauren Ashcraft, Democratic candidate for US Congress in New York’s 12th District. She is a democratic socialist and a proponent of MMT. Lauren’s passionate support of a progressive agenda goes above and beyond that of many candidates. She doesn’t just support a Green New Deal, she supports nationalizing and …

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Why Progressives Fear Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s supporters are offended by the idea that their candidate is buying the election, but progressives’ concerns are founded not only on his behavior during this campaign season but on his track record of using money to gain power for himself.

Of Tweets And Trades

What source of external stimuli is more capable of affecting market conditions and behavior than the current Commander and Thief of the United States of America? What many of us perceive as a chaotic demeanor: the impetuousness, the impromptu, the helter-skelter, the stand up-stand down shuffle, the opportunistic commissions and the face-saving omissions could collectively be interpreted as deliberate and purposeful when viewed through the lens of insider trading on such an epic scale.

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