Delaware Joe

Delaware is ground zero of the corporatocracy, where all the major financial institutions (especially the credit card industry), corporations, and multinationals can operate with minimal scrutiny and oversight.

There are few places in the world less regulated and more accommodating of tax evasion and black-box business operations than the state Joe Biden represented in the senate for decades. 

He helped to establish the corporate-friendly infrastructure that few people know about or have any understanding of. 

It was purposely designed not to attract attention nor to be understood — like the voluminous fine print associated with credit card agreements and like the incomprehensible motivations of Democratic Party leadership. 

Ole’ Joe is the cool uncle in the family kleptocracy.

He and the “special” apparatus of his state have been essential to the never-ending rise of inequity and yet, he has the temerity to parade himself as a working-class Joe — when he couldn’t be further from it. 

Republicans flaunt their disdain for the greater good and show pride in their absolute dedication to the monied elite. 

Democrats hide who and what they are beholden to behind veiled facades that the electorate makes little effort to look behind. 

The sanctity of reality has been invaded by the unreal and the attempt to make sense of the nonsensical has become a fool’s errand. 

Orwell would have been amazed by these postmodern mutations of his forebodings. 

The Democratic Party game plan is apparently to have no tangible game plan, beyond the long odds that Trump will default before Biden. (jz)

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