Real Progress in Action Endorses Lauren Ashcraft

Real Progress in Action proudly endorses Lauren Ashcraft, Democratic candidate for US Congress in New York’s 12th District. She is a democratic socialist and a proponent of MMT.

Lauren’s passionate support of a progressive agenda goes above and beyond that of many candidates. She doesn’t just support a Green New Deal, she supports nationalizing and upgrading all public transit, making it free for all. She doesn’t just support Medicare for All, she supports a single-payer plan, removing private health insurance companies from the equation because healthcare should not be for profit. She wants medical debt forgiveness and free prescription drug coverage on all life-saving medications. She champions housing as a human right, with universal rent control and other protections. And so it is with the rest of her comprehensive platform, which emphasizes support for people over corporations and addresses economic inequality head-on.

Find an in-depth description of her positions on her website

Watch her with Savage Joy:

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