Are Berners Irresponsible Opposition or a Movement in Transition?

Don’t watch this, it would be irresponsible!!! Trying to wrap the brain around the content of an article put out in Associated Press on a supposed interview with Bernie Sanders should drive Berners to another therapy session!

Bernie Sanders said Tuesday that it would be “irresponsible” for his loyalists not to support Joe Biden, warning that progressives who “sit on their hands” in the months ahead would simply enable President Donald Trump’s reelection.

Irresponsibility is the contention, bringing up so many issues for movement loyalists as they are feeling more pressure to yield to the Democratic Establishment online once again.

Are you triggered right about now?  Real Progress in Action respects all views and welcomes dialogue and debate.

Sara and Matt are about to get irresponsible on your ass! Yeah, let’s talk about irresponsibility, shall we? Matt is not sparing anyone. Particularly disingenuous feminist groups, influencers, not even Bernie himself! Why are we not talking about the cognitive dissonance in this article and evaluate its potentially devastating effects on attempts at keeping progressives and social democrats active in the fight?

It’s absolutely crazy that many are having to constantly question and debate over their doubt and fears over the veracity of materials published by mainstream media on pivotal issues. This aside, another big question on the table is, “Is our own progressive media being irresponsible for brushing this off or treating it as a sideshow?” Are we not all activists first who say the end-goal is to stop the bleeding for many?

2 thoughts on “Are Berners Irresponsible Opposition or a Movement in Transition?”

  1. The election is already lost! I am 74 year old farmer peacenik in Trout Lake, WA. Biden voted for Iraq and all oil wars and is equal to Hillary inveterate warmonger. He helped preside over war in Yemen and Prince Salman, and formation of ISIS.  Never Biden. Trump stood aside and allowed raproachement of the Koreas and Russian defeat of ISIS. Give credit where peace prevails in spite of leadership ignorance. The lecherous old white men win again? Shame on the DNC Globalists. Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul are our only hope. The battle of DNC vs. RNC is marionette show. The real dichotomy now is individual freedom vs. global government corporatism. This is no longer about Left vs. Right. It is about allowing local solutions over centalization in powers like Biden’s. I would posit that it is irresponsible to follow Bernie’s lack of leadership in world affairs, foreign policy. He knows better as you can see in his utube videos in Senate Foreign Affairs Committee working alongside Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul.

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