Book Review: Apocalypse Drift by Joe Nobody

Are you looking for something relaxing to read to take your mind off the world having gone mad during the pandemic lockdown?  Then this isn’t the book for you.   

Follow one man and his family as they navigate the collapse of the US economy and take-down of our weak and aging infrastructure by an unseen foreign attack. The strike plan against the US is simple, yet insidious and more than believable. Most of the action takes place in current day Kemah, TX, but it’s easy to imagine this work of fiction being scarily close to reality anywhere in the country. You might even pick up a few valuable survival tips! 

Written by a former government insider under a pen name to protect his identity and sources, this book is sure to educate as much as entertain.   

Also available on audiobook for all you multi-tasking doomsday preppers out there. 

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