Playing Games With Lives

There is an establishment game of not hashing out what we are fighting for during a primary. There is another garbage play that says we shouldn’t criticize our own. That is why we have been stuck FOREVER in the status quo. Now we have an opportunity to get it right with Bernie Sanders.

I am far less forgiving for those given to identity politics in terms of substance-less ploys about it’s time for us to elect a {insert demographic}. We need policy. We need real change. Not tokenism,  not shallow veneer. There is a stark difference between idpol and true intersectionality. 

We need systemic changes to bring an end to structural inequality. That will not happen with these so-called “moderate” candidates. Moderate how??? They are radicals in the sense that they still prop up systems of oppression (see Austerity Pete and Amy for example). 

I have grown so sick of people trying to shut down internal critique of the left that I am near apoplectic over the shutdown tactics, sensitivities that prevent us from fighting for the people and fighting for our lives.  

These labels and fierce protections of said identities are not only killing progress but are defeatist to our ability to have an intersectional movement with solidarity and concern for all vulnerable communities.  

Thank goodness Bernie Sanders is leading a truly multi-racial, full gender and age spectrum movement. 

Thank goodness… Because if left to some, we would be left fighting over crumbs of the oligarchs forever.

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