Real Progress in Action Endorses Bernie Sanders for President, 2020

Real Progress in Action is a 501c4 organization founded to foster collaboration with other groups of progressive-minded individuals in order to serve the needs of the masses using the lens of Modern Monetary Theory to guide policy prescriptions. Understanding that we have only a few years to correct our nation’s path before doing irreparable harm to our world and its people, we must act immediately to stave off crisis. Real Progress in Action recognizes that there is only one presidential candidate capable of fighting for us at the national and international levels. That candidate is Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has continuously shown his support for what is right, not what is politically advantageous. As a college student, he was arrested with African American students to fight dormitory segregation. He supported LGBTIQ rights long before any other national politician would. He also recognized the dangers of regime change in the Middle East when most other politicians only trumpeted the mainstream narrative.

Most importantly, Bernie Sanders is the best candidate on policy. His support of the Green New Deal shows his understanding of the climate emergency that demands solutions now. The Federal Jobs Guarantee program he proposes would drastically change the definition of work and eliminate involuntary unemployment. His devotion to ending the power that corporations have over our political process is necessary to implement all the other policy prescriptions his economic advisors, including MMT economist Stephanie Kelton, suggest.

Real Progress in Action fights for the changes necessary to make this country better for all people, no matter their age, creed, nationality, gender, sexuality, country of origin, or any other identifier. Only a Sanders administration will implement the policies this country needs. Real Progress in Action supports a Bernie Sanders presidency because he supports the public purpose.

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