February 19: National Outreach Call featuring Lua Kamál Yuille and Mat Forstater

Uniting and Fighting for Social and Economic Justice in the Age of Trump

Join Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action volunteers on Wednesday, February 19th, at 9 pm ET for a Zoom call presentation. Special guests Lua Kamál Yuille and Mat Forstater will discuss uniting and fighting for social and economic justice in the age of Trump.

Mathew Forstater is Research Director at the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity and Professor of Economics, University of Missouri, Kansas City. Forstater received his B.A., summa cum laude, in African American Studies, from Temple University in 1987, and an M.A. (honors, 1993) and Ph.D. (1996) in Economics from the New School for Social Research. He has published widely on employment and budgetary policies, ecological economics, economics of discrimination, and monetary history, theory and policy. He is also the Director at the CFEPS Center for Full Employment and Price Stability.

Lua Kamál Yuille is an interdisciplinary scholar whose current work connects property theory, business law, economics, critical pedagogy and group identity. She is Associate Professor in the School of Law and Core faculty in the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Kansas.

After the presentation, we invite you to ask questions.

Following the questions and answer period, Steve Grumbine, founder of Real Progressives, will give a brief rundown of the ongoing activities at Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action.

Whether you’re a seasoned RP volunteer, new to the organization, or simply curious about MMT and Real Progressives, join this call on Wednesday, February 19th at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT.

For further information, contact our National Outreach Director at 702.339.9082.

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