Party Insiders Talk: Cheating, Rigging, and Smearing

Party Insiders Talk: Cheating, Rigging, and Smearing 

Democratic party insiders opened up to the wrong person when they talked about how the nominees have already been chosen, even though there has not been any voting yet, and of the plan to smear Bernie Sanders as a Russian asset. 

The Fix is In

“The fix is in and the odds are through the roof.” This alludes to one of the lines in the film Pulp Fiction about the underworld of hit men and gangsters. When the boxer is supposed to “take a fall” in the fifth round so underworld gangster Marsellus Wallace can get a hefty return on his “correct” bet. But the boxer doesn't—and he has his brother place his own bets (for when the boxer doesn't throw the match) all over town. This same boxer is able to collect a lot of money because he bet on himself. It's a great plot twist. The same thing is happening now. The DNC is taking a cue from fictional underworld gangster Wallace.

Now the fix is in politically. On January 20, 2020 at 8:20 p.m. PDT I received a communication from a reliable source. This person had interactions earlier that evening with high level party members and associates of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) who said that they have now selected Biden as the Democratic Party nominee, with Warren as the VP. They also said the plan is to smear Bernie as a Russian asset. So the DNC has coronated Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren as the presidential and vice presidential nominees.

Part of the plan for Bernie is for the Democratic Party to label him a Russian operative. They will engage in a massive smear campaign. If this sounds too far-fetched—just wait for them to label everyone who supports him as Russian operatives. This is how they will deal with anyone who they want to get rid of: people who do not play by the DNC rules or candidates who are honest and upfront. I'm sure they will label him and his supporters as Russian operatives. Nobody needs proof, they just need an accusation, though hopefully they will rethink this plan now that Tulsi Gabbard has sued Hillary Clinton for defamation to the tune of $50 million.

The Democratic  Party is Undemocratic 

These insiders said that Bernie is not getting the nomination because he is not a democrat. The Democrats plan to give the nomination to people who have been loyal to the party. Many liberal Americans still think the Democratic Party is the last bastion or last holdout against Trump and all he represents. Against hate. Against racism. Against demagoguery. They think the Democratic Party will set everything right. That the Democratic Party is democratic. Is fair. Is going to fulfill the will of the people. 

Well, I'm sorry to report that the fix is in—just like last time. The Democratic Party establishment must think that because we have the horror of Donald Trump, this gives them leeway to do anything they want. That there is no need for voting. That there is no need to wait for a vote. That there is no need to see who the best candidate is to beat Trump. There is no need for democracy. In fact, we no longer have a democracy—The Atlantic reports that public policy does not reflect the preferences of Americans. 

The DNC must think it's enough to just have a candidate. Forget popular enthusiasm. So what if Biden hung a noose around students neck in the form of non-dischargeable debt? So what if he sided with Bush about war? So what if he enacted racist prison policies? He can barely fill a hall—while Sanders fills stadiums with enthusiastic supporters. 

Who will stop it? 

Remember last time when Las Vegas union bosses made casino employees vote for Hillary while on-the-clock—or lose their jobs? There were reports in the media that union bosses had their workers vote for Hillary in a move that won the state, and possibly the election. Are the Democrats planning the same thing for Nevada? The one question I have is this—is there any fairness or democracy left in the Democratic Party? Will it happen again? How can anyone stop it?

Because in truth, the DNC doesn't need to be democratic. There was a class action suit after the 2016 election filed against the DNC. The lawsuit requested money back for Bernie supporters who had given millions, often in very difficult circumstances. In fact, on August 25, 2017 the court verified the DNC has a right to rig primaries. They can make any backroom deals they like. The lawyers argued that they could do what they liked and they won. And now it appears they are at it again. And now, according to my source, they have selected their final candidates and are prepared to smear Bernie as a Russian asset. 

Of course it's not over by a long shot. We must do everything we can to stop those bastards. Bernie’s popularity is surging. He is gaining in the polls and whenever he is blatantly attacked his supporters dig deep in those near empty pockets to donate again. Warren painted Bernie as sexist, claiming he said a woman cannot win the presidency. Time to donate. Hillary says no one likes Bernie. It's time to donate again. 

Bernie Supporters

Much of America does not realize that Bernie supporters are on social media en masse to encourage each other, share news, have donation drives, strategize, and share memes. The Democrats do—and they are hitting back hard. Many of the American people do not realize how large the crowds are when Bernie speaks. They do not know because it is not on mainstream media (MSM). No. They just don't know. 

Another fact not touted on MSM is that Bernie Sanders does great in a head-to-head matchup with Trump. Also, most of Sanders' supporters do see Trump as a destructive, racist president. Facing the horrors of another four years of Trump, or the status quo, pro-corporate Democrats who will carry on many of the same policies as Trump—many supporters openly acknowledge the need for another party. One that meets the needs of working people, the poor, and the destitute. That will declare a climate emergency.

For most Sanders supporters, activists, and volunteers, the news that the DNC has selected Biden and Warren will come as no shock. The DNC had selected Hillary Clinton previously, and it is, even now, still perfectly legal to be as corruptly undemocratic as they wish. However, Sanders supporters are just likely to buckle down, donate a little more, do more doorknocking and phone banking. More tabling, sign waving and Bernie house parties. 

A Great Hope

There is an urgency for many reasons: the horrors of Trump, the looming crisis of climate change, the known DNC corruption, the persistence and increase of grave social problems, an increasingly attacked media, and infighting among working people. Bernie's candidacy, and what it represents, is a great hope as the populace witnesses the entrails of capitalism. 

Yes, the fix may be in, but Bernie supporters will continue to push for an impossible dream. Of having actual democracy here in the United States; Patients able to get their insulin; No children in prisons; Peace instead of war for profit; And active solutions to the climate crisis so we can gift our grandchildren with a healthy world to live in. Plus the truth is Bernie is the one who can beat Trump

So Bernie supporters can be like the boxer in Pulp Fiction. Refuse to take the fall. Refuse to sell out. Speak the truth to power—while giving and phone banking. Hope to crack a dirty, corrupt system. Plus a few hail Marys, prayers, incantations, and muttered curses for good measure. Maybe in the end, if humanity is extremely lucky, we will win one for the people. Just like the boxer who got paid instead of the crooked gangster—that could be us. We progressives could win the nomination in July, then the presidency in November. Bet on it.

About the writer:

Ruth Oskolkoff was a 2016 Sanders volunteer, and is a current member of Extinction Rebellion and the Democratic Socialists of America. She has edited and published a book of progressive quotes called “Capitalism Must Be Composted” and is currently writing a novel set in future Seattle after a Socialist revolution—to be available in mid-2020.


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