Of Tweets And Trades

In a recent article in Vanity Fair, author William D. Cohen examined the correlation between spikes in stock market activity before and after certain of Trump’s exclamatory tweets — in particular, his impulsive and controversial opinions and actions on domestic and foreign policy issues. Not surprisingly, the corporate aligned media rose to his defense, attempting to debunk and discredit not the documented observations, but the conclusions the author has drawn. 


Despite such attempts to disassociate cause from effect, Cohen associates the Pavlovian nature of the stock market, when subjected to external stimuli from sources of power and influence, with the intentional and purposeful manipulation of the investors’ collective behaviour. 


What source of external stimuli is more capable of affecting market conditions and behavior than the current Commander and Thief of the United States of America? What many of us perceive as a chaotic demeanor: the impetuousness, the impromptu, the helter-skelter, the stand up-stand down shuffle, the opportunistic commissions and the face-saving omissions could collectively be interpreted as deliberate and purposeful when viewed through the lens of insider trading on such an epic scale.


For every executive pronouncement of seemingly random inexplicability, there is corresponding anomalous activity in applicable market indices prior to such utterances. Should anyone dare to look deeper or for reasons why no one officially does, not even the SEC, there lies the fear of what will be found — that the disproportionate accumulation of wealth at the top of the Ponzi pyramid is derived from betting big and betting often, on known and predetermined outcomes.


Based on the revealing content in Cohen’s article and the sociopathic narcissism demonstrated by the president, I suggest that Trump is unequivocally using his office to game the stock market at levels of fraudulence never before imagined or thought possible.


It's a real family affair and the coordinated trades trickle down through tightly laced, encrypted networks to be broadly placed across a wide spectrum to effectively distance the criminal from the scene of the crime — to throw the dogs off his scent…


…but that would assume the dogs (SEC) had an interest in acquiring and tracking his scent. They don't, not these days, and certainly not against the impenetrability of absolute corruption corrupted so absolutely. Why ignite an inevitable firestorm when low-hanging fruit can be investigated that won’t scorch the agents and set ablaze an agency already underfunded, understaffed, and under-resourced?


Trump is an opportunistic predator posing as an American president. The office is his most prized possession among many prized possessions. The only thing he loves more than being the constant center of world attention is exploiting the Achilles heel of market capitalism — insider trading and money laundering — to the fullest extent and for his own personal gain.


Did we not learn anything from Enron and “too big to fail” and all the investment maleficence that came before and since?


Apparently not…

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