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Hypocrisy And Deception For U.S. Venezuela Policy

What the US government says its wants in Venezuela is a poorly-designed smokescreen for the usual agenda: manufacture a problem, vilify any form of socialism, and acquire oil. The deception and hypocrisy in the approach is a little more obvious than is even usual. Peter Crowley lays out how.

The Five Republicans Against MMT Need To Take A Seat

A treatise, in answer to Katia Dmitrieva’s Bloomberg article, on why the five Republicans against MMT need to take a seat, and why (AGAIN) We The People need to know how our economy really works.

Knowledge Area Spotlight: Health and Wellbeing

Real Progressives focuses on seven knowledge areas. This month we are spotlighting the Health and Wellbeing pillar.

As activists battle over women’s right to autonomy and ending abortion via the “Heartbeat Bill’, there are millions of people being forgotten and much more at stake than meets the eye. Learn more in Kerri Barber’s article Sex, Celebrity and the Inconvenience of Poverty.

Depression Among Progressives

The steady onward march into oligarchy and neoliberalism is enough to demoralize anyone who is paying even a little bit of attention. The opposition is counting on us to be too weary to stand strong in the face of this pressure – but they wouldn’t be trying to demoralize us if they didn’t fear us. Loren Hall’s explores self-care and how to allow this pressure to turn us into diamonds in Depression Among Progressives.

MMT Counterstrike

MMT is the cornerstone of the Real Progressives movement. As such it is constantly under attack. Here we have a few RP responses to popular mainstream/neoliberal hit pieces.

MMT Detractors Are The Ones Who Are Flirting With Disaster

Joel Griffith’s hit piece in The Daily Sigil, “The Absurdity of Modern Money,” attempts to paint MMT as an “idea” that would be disastrous “if implemented.” As with most such pieces they have missed the point: MMT is operational reality, and its abuse is precisely the point. Loren Hall easily dispatches this crude, stale attempt at a hit piece in MMT Detractors Are the Ones Flirting With Disaster.

Kelton vs Santens / UBI Snake Oil vs MMT/FJG

Fraud Scott Santens (UBI) vs Stephanie Kelton (FJG / MMT) do battle on Twitter and the people who unapologetically refuse to learn, listen or even attempt to be honest. The UBI proponents seem to have a very warped perspective of how it will be paid for, the actuality of what it really entails and that it would be destructive to both the public and the economy…

Real Progressives Writer’s Corner

What Is The Difference Between Monetary Policy And Fiscal Policy – Part I

In Modern Monetary Theory we often make comparisons between monetary and fiscal policy. But what exactly are they, and how do they differ? In this article, the first in a multi-part series, we define and describe these two types of economic policy, how they are implemented, and just how effective they are. We also give you a little history to provide context to help you understand not just what these policies are, but how they have impacted our lives.

Real Progressives’ Media Library

These are selections from Real Progressives’ audio and video work, from our Macro n Cheese podcast to our various livestreams and video interviews.

Leveling the Playing Field: Reparations and Baby Bonds with Darrick Hamilton

PODCAST: Addressing racial & economic inequality requires bold, comprehensive programs. Darrick Hamilton lays out the principles and mechanics of some of the most vital policy proposals, reparations, baby bonds, and a federal job guarantee. Hamilton is professor of policy, economics & sociology at OSU.

The Federal Job Guarantee with Ellis and Steve

VIDEO: Anyone still tempted by the siren call of a UBI will be set right by Ellis Winningham & Steve Grumbine in this detailed look at everything from the history of work to the wider social benefits of a federal job guarantee. Winningham, MMT guru & educator, brings his acerbic wit & intellect to an episode you won’t want to miss.

Savage Joy: Medicare For All All Activist Andy Brodock

VIDEO: Savage Joy welcomes activist Andy Brodock whose tragic story of the needless loss of his wife to cancer is why Americans desperately need Medicare For All. Please support Andrew in his fight.


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