Hey Joe, Where Ya Goin With that Poll in Your Hand?

You can say what you want about Joe Biden. In fact there is quite a bit to say, mainly because he’s 76 with a half a century in the spotlight of public service. He’s also human.  Like all of us he has strengths and weaknesses. Plenty of recorded history to pull apart or accentuate to create a political hero or villain. One thing I do like about Joe is that whatever is on his mind usually doesn’t stay there. He’s not only a member, he’s a founder of Gaffaholic club for men. So I was pleased that he saved us all from having to say things about him by announcing that he is unfit for office.

Last week Joe Biden made two revealing statements that should disqualify him from consideration as a serious contender. “I don’t think he’s likely to stop at anything, whomever he runs against,” Mr. Biden told the New York Times, expressing his concern about putting his “ family through what would be a very, very, very difficult campaign”. On face value that seems a reasonable consideration. However, he’s had nearly three years to ponder his response. Is this his Katrina moment? Uncertainty in the face of a stated crisis is not exactly Presidential.

As the head of his family, I’d have expected that consideration to be one which should have been made first. As a candidate it applies doubly. It’s akin to saying I’m all in, this is important but… I have some personal stuff. Take care of your personal issues before you present yourself as someone able to take on the Nation’s issues. My opinion is that he answered that question long ago. It’s campaign artifice to begin as a victim. Soon his “concern for family” would morph into an image of Joe placing his Country and Civic Duty before the welfare of that family. Cue up: “We Are the Champions”. It is, after all, campaign season I’d have preferred an, “I have mine but will risk it to ensure you get yours”, message. “I’m 95% sure but I’m cautious” isn’t exactly inspirational or aspirational..

Biden considers Trump to be a threat to Democracy. Yet he thinks a run and a loss would be a “fool’s errand”. “What I don’t want”, said Mr. Biden, “is to take people’s time, effort and commitment, without there being a clear shot that I could be the nominee”. We’d all like guarantees in life prior to taking a risk or exerting effort. Where I come from that’s exactly what leaders do when faced with a threat. I’d also like to know who is he’s fishing for assurance from? If it’s the DNC then doesn’t that belie, yet again, a party organization with flaws? How could they offer? How could anyone? He’s poll watching when he should be screaming, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead’.

I won’t waste time picking his past apart from the present perspective. Other than to say, he’s a man of his time but this isn’t his time anymore. That’s the bottom line. In this election his major flaw is that he is a typical Liberal of his age. He isn’t a progressive. In order to build upon our foundations, in order to achieve goals ‘toward a more perfect Union’, we must progress. Joe Biden, being 95% in means I’m 100% out. This country has a deficit issue alright but in terms of progress and leadership. Mother Earth is giving us twelve years to get it right.

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