Democrats, Did It?

Well, the Democrats pulled off the impossible: they managed to win back the House. A feat accomplished against the underwhelming odds of this normally happening. Since 1960, the average loss for a sitting President’s party is twenty-two seats. Sometimes that tips it. Sometimes it doesn’t. We now have a blue puddle lying on the floor of Congress. I have a feeling it’s going to rest on this win and just lay there cranking out prewritten legislation full of poison pills to create the appearance of activity. Someone, please stand at the ready to call Anthony Weiner for a clean up on aisle left.

Yes, Dems won the House. We remain a step above pure evil. There’s some good here, relatively speaking. It will all be discussed in Tom Brokaw’s new book, “Nancy Pelosi, Not the Greatest Generator”. Seriously, when Tom calls for the ouster of Pelosi and Schumer on National TV during Live Election Coverage, it’s time for a change in leadership, folks. He’s absolutely correct.

The Senate was a tough nut this time. When daunted by that fact alone, you don’t even try. Tougher still, when you choose to run on healthcare alone and have a history of insincerity on that very issue.

Where was a national campaign to counteract, at least, the cavalcade of lies tumbling from Trump et al?. Where was the drive to lay the groundwork for the next opportunity? Where was the fact-based fire to match the burning dumpster? Nowhere, and it should have been a bonfire of such magnitude that it eclipsed all else. It was an easy gig. Easy target. We needed aggression. We received Chuck Schumer in a pantsuit.

They decided to play it safe. Conservative DNC style. They ran away from progressive candidates in terms of real support. Didn’t want any socialist stink by advocating strongly for policies most of us want. But did manage to lay the groundwork for future excuses and left the Senate in GOP hands. Now it’s their turn to yell obstruction again. That’s a major win for a talking point, rah! They also introduced Dem Pay-Go to counteract the vicious austerity of Repub Pay-Go. See the difference between the two parties now?

Bottom line: How did a party that once proclaimed “It’s about the economy, stupid!” end up being stupid enough not to address economic justice in any significant way during an election. Instead of merely appropriating the noun “Progressive” it’s time leadership begins seeing it as a verb.

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