Savage Joy Interviews Sarah Smith, Candidate For US Congress Dist 9 WA

In her second interview with Joy this electoral season, Sarah Smith, candidate for Washington State District 9. Sarah talks about how voters can make sure they are still registered and why it is important to consider every candidate’s positions on protecting the rights of voters. She describes how while denigrating her supporters, her opponent is trying to position himself as a progressive and is even taking points from her platform. This is why she feels there is much potential for change if people realize they have the power.

Joy and Sarah discuss the slate of strong progressive candidates currently running, and the prospects for 2020. Holding politicians to account after the election is an important part of staying politically active and protecting the progressive agenda. Campaign finance is the most important issue.

Sarah accepts the MMT perspective, and she is a strong supporter of the Jobs Guarantee. She has some great ideas about the types of jobs would be beneficial. With the race near the end, Sarah’s greatest need is for monetary donations to support the various campaign activities she and her supporters are pursuing. Sarah is an energetic, passionate, and articulate progressive. Watch so you can be inspired by her and her message!

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