Savage Joy Interviews Brian Abrahamson

Joy again chats with Brian Abrahamson, an independent candidate for the Minnesota State House, District 22A. Brian ran as a Democrat in the primary, but was yet another victim of suspicious activity, coming in second. This time, Brian is running as an Independent. Not surprisingly, he again had pushback from the established parties, and Brian was shut out of debates with the other candidates.

He is a real progressive, whose top priorities are legalization of marijuana, Medicare for all, and free state college. He personally knows the tragic consequences of student loan debt. He supports a $15 minimum wage and repairing infrastructure, particularly the roads in his state which have been neglected for decades.

Brian is using a new app, Ten More Votes, which easily enables supporters and volunteers to help with his campaign. He also has a very helpful website which anyone can visit to learn about his platform, volunteer or make a donation. Watch the video for a special appearance by Brian’s number one supporter!

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