Savage Joy Interviews Maria Estrada, California Assembly Candidate 63rd District

Joy welcomes Maria Estrada, who is running for the California state assembly to represent the 63rd district, currently represented by Anthony Rendon, Speaker of the Assembly.  Maria describes the resistance to her campaign by establishment politicians, who went as far as canceling community events rather than allowing her to make an appearance.  Despite such resistance, Maria gets her energy and drive from her supporters, who are actively spreading the word about her campaign.  

Maria talks about corruption at the state and local levels in California, resulting in problems such as longstanding lead contamination in disadvantaged communities, rejection of a state Medicare for all bill, voters illegally removed from rolls, and costly contract fraud, among others.  As a native of and activist in her community, she knows the issues residents face and is committed to addressing them.

She supports citizen activism because she knows that people have the power, even if they don’t realize it.  This is an important and highly visible race because if Maria is successful, it will send a strong message to the establishment. Watch the video to see what a feisty, strong and courageous woman Maria is, and to learn how you can help her stand up for the people of this district!

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