Savage Joy Interviews Tim Canova for Her 1 Year Anniversary

On the one-year anniversary of her first interview for Real Progressives, Savage Joy celebrates by interviewing the man who was also her first guest, Tim Canova, an independent candidate running for Congress in Florida’s district. Joy and Tim discuss his reasons for running as an independent against incumbent Debbie Wasserman Schultz, fraud against voters, the vulnerability of voting machines, and ballot destruction in his previous campaign against Wasserman Schultz.

They also cover various issues relevant to Florida voters, as well as voters across the country, including water pollution from agricultural chemical runoff, global warming, ocean acidification, political corruption, Medicare for All, a jobs guarantee, and whether or not he accepts the lens of Modern Monetary Theory. Joy and Tim also talk about what his campaign needs in the final weeks before the election. Tim also gives a shout out to Real Progressives!

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