Existential Voting Booth – A Slam Poem

Plain to see
In history
Jacked-up dichotomy
Income inequality
Fucked by the duopoly
Rigging a “conspiracy?”
Groundhog Day in 2020

Elephants and asses,
Screwing the masses
Fuck your “blue no matter who”
Cognitive dissonance, like damn fools
Ignorant to their love of people like you

Clintons’ invincible
Cheating, unprincipled
Wishing them invisible
Not elected
Voting unprotected

Insistent we “fall in line”
Incremental change, over time
Complacency, hard to outshine
Excrement of the bovine
Our need for dissent

Open to interpretation?
Shouldn’t need an explanation
Time for exploration
In this devastated nation

Respect existence,
Or expect resistance
Cut us like a razor blade
Shame us like a word-grenade
Born rich, yet acting self-made

Wishing I could un-know,
It’s like 1984, the show
Pussy hats and “resist” on your signs
What has that achieved in this cluster-fuck bind?

Neo-libs labeled “progressive”
It’s regressive
Getting obsessive
Making us aggressive

We need a revolution
In this institution
Some restitution
Some retribution
We’re setting back evolution
Oh, and Bernie would’ve fucking won

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