Fight for Medicare for All Together

I’ve been watching the news and listening to people discuss the current plight of health care in America. The present health care bill, which is now before us, made me decide that I needed to express my opinion about this pressing matter.

It brought to mind my own father, who was honorably discharged from the United States military and had adequate health care. Had he not receive the health care he needed for his ailments at that time, my father would have certainly died. Also, a woman who recently helped take care of me for three years developed cancer. It took all she had to get the care that she needed to fight the disease. She struggled mightily and almost lost her home because the system did not want to help her; I eventually managed to help her get the care she needed.

So I ask myself, why does the government feel it is necessary to inflict so much pain on a suffering population? What each member of Congress is doing is wrong. I applaud those who are standing up for the poor and the oppressed, who are supporting the veterans who have served this country who are not receiving the adequate health care. I applaud people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren—those who have the conviction to stop this monstrosity that they want to call health care.

What is being proposed is not health care, it’s a death sentence for millions of Americans who deserve better. What kind of a nation are we when we will pass a bill that will take everyone—black, white, it does’t matter—throw them aside and treat them as though they are not even human? How can any members of Congress support such a bill? I guess it’s easy when you already have free health care.

Yet the solution is so simple. All Congress has to do is give the authorization to fund Medicare for All. If Congress can authorize sending millions of men and women to die in needless wars for oil, then they certainly can and should authorize the expansion of Medicare, which will save everyone’s life. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. It is the moral and the just thing to do. It takes only the courage and willingness to do what is right.

So I implore all members of Congress to find the humanity in their heart, the conviction to do what is morally right. Reject the current health care bill and simply authorize the expansions of Medicare and Medicaid so nobody will suffer needlessly. Isn’t it about time we put the care back in health care and not use it in a way that divides people by treating only those who can pay and giving only minimal care of those who cannot? In college, I read a quote by Robert Louis Stevenson: “the cruelest lies are often told in silence.” Let us not be silent. Let us speak loudly and clearly to our Representatives, “Do not pass this health care bill!”

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