Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Get to Co-Opt Racism and Misogyny Anymore

Hillary Clinton doesn’t get to co-opt racism and misogyny anymore. She doesn’t get to use the very real struggles of women and people of color to make excuses for why she was unable to beat a reality TV show host and failed businessman in her bid to become the 45th president of the United States. 

Hillary Clinton’s entire life has been cloaked in privilege. She has never been denied entry to anything in her professional career other than president, despite being given every conceivable advantage, including going up against a hand-selected contender in Donald Trump who made enough offensive comments to sabotage ten presidential candidates.

Correct the Record loves to remind people of her extensive resumé. Hillary Clinton has been a lawyer, a scholar, a US Senator, the Secretary of State, and two-time presidential candidate. She’s a multi-millionaire who even served as a director of Walmart, one of the largest companies in the country, despite being the youngest, and least experienced member on the board. Remind me, which part of any of that reeks of being disadvantaged?

Her early life was so chock-full of privilege that she once campaigned for Barry Goldwater, a man who Martin Luther King called “disastrous” and “represents a philosophy that is morally indefensible,” in regards to his stance on civil rights. She campaigned for Goldwater even after having personally met Martin Luther King two years earlier.

So, no, don’t try and tell me Hillary is a victim of misogyny and racism. Don’t try to make other people’s struggles her own. She was handed every advantage imaginable, and arguably has been her entire life. From superdelegates, to campaign money, to celebrity endorsements, even Jay Z and Beyoncé even threw her a FREE concert which, true to Hillary’s inability to rally a crowd, only 7,000 people attended even though the megastar couple drew an average audience of 40,000 during their recent world tour. 

Let’s be very clear, Hillary Clinton lost because she represented a Democratic establishment which had abandoned (and continues to abandon) the values the party once championed. She doesn’t get to co-opt misogyny and racism anymore. Those still belong to the people who are actually fighting to tear down those barriers, and she’s not one of us.

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