A Letter to Joy Ann Reid from a Gay Black Millennial with a Disability

One of the main tools the establishment Democrats like using is identity politics to try to swing voters to their side. Well, news flash: that old trick isn’t going to work with someone like me. I do not fear the establishment nor do I think they are entitled to my vote. They aren’t even worthy of holding the office of the senator in my opinion. They have lost all seats of government to the Republicans, and yet they still haven’t learned their lesson from the 2016 election. The lesson was: “Don’t. Ever. Prop up another establishment candidate like a Hilary Clinton ever again because people hate that crap.”

They ain’t going to learn the lesson anytime soon, so we might as well give up and run home to Mama, right? I don’t think so. The main reason why the democratic party is still relevant today and hasn’t gone out of existence (and the Democrats had better understand this) is that Bernie Sanders is pushing the party or at least half of them to do the right thing on the issues; and of course, the base has started an all-out assault on the party.

“Kamala Harris can kiss whatever chances she thinks she’s got with the base goodbye. She isn’t going to be President. EVER!” 

In recent weeks, there have been reports of the new freshman senator Kamala Harris meeting with establishment Democrat donors, in order to secure a presidential run for 2020. Why? because there is a chance that Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will run again in 2020. They know that once Bernie Sanders beats Donald Trump, he’s going to end this current system of corruption, once and for all. So the Democratic establishment is running around with their heads on fire, shouting “Anyone but Bernie! ANYONE BUT HIM!” 

I do not have to reiterate how much the progressive base hates the establishment. The establishment has time and time again shown that they are way out of touch with the needs of the American people. The mainstream media isn’t talking about how half the country makes $30,000 or less, which means over half of the country is poor in the richest nation in the world. They aren’t talking about the fact our infrastructure gets a grade of D. No, the establishment media talks about Russia and Donald Trump. They aren’t talking about how Flint still hasn’t received the federal assistance that it needs, and NOBODY in Congress has called for the resignation of Rick Snyder. 

Joy Reid loves using identity politics on white supporters of Bernie Sanders on her show because it allows her to control the narrative that only white working people support Bernie Sanders—but black progressives?—nahhh! Which begs the question, is Joy a raging hypocrite while making herself out to be, on MSNBC, as some sort of progressive host? The answer might not surprise you. Joy, as much I enjoy seeing people of color in positions such as yours, you have not earned the respect of this black progressive who just happens to have a disability.

You have shown that you lack the capacity to look beyond party politics and have no interest in talking about the real issues that are facing real Americans. We don’t all live in your DC bubble, Joy; some of us work full-time just to survive, and that still isn’t enough to keep food on the table.

Not one progressive, white or black, has ever said that we were supporting Bernie Sanders because of his gender. The support isn’t because of his age. It’s because of the message that he brings and you are raging mad at that? Why? Why are you so against the man? What made you value political party over the message that you say he doesn’t bring? The answer? Because you are paid to act so outraged at his supporters and the man himself. Do I need to bring up the fact that your parent company is Comcast? 

Real Americans still have health issues, still have to face the reality of their low-paying jobs, and yes, still do die because of high premiums. If you are still defending the ACA, here’s what you should know Joy: all the ACA did was slow down the costs of premiums. It didn’t address the middle man, which is the insurance companies. 

In closing, 

Joy joined the MSNBC network in 2014 and has shifted, as the years pass, into this establishment shill that everyone hates — except, of course, her establishment buddies. I also did a little bit of research on Joy and came across an old blog that she used to run known as ReidReport.com back in 2008. Though it is no longer online, I have taken the liberty of sharing in this article the link where you can go see for yourself.

In 2008, Joy wasn’t too happy about Mrs. Clinton running for the highest office in the land as much as the 2017 Joy does now. What changed? MSNBC made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.  (And that she accepted). Yup, you heard me right, Joy currently makes about 15 million dollars. That’s her net worth. I know if I was making 15 million dollars, I too would be screaming from the rooftop about how sexist Bernie supporters are and that Nancy Pelosi is the best damned thing that ever happened to the party. 

Look, Joy has got to come off her high horse. She knows far too well that the stuff she has spewed on MSNBC is BS; but see, that’s the thing with Joy. She knows but she doesn’t care. 


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