Ignore the Establishment Narrative, America

You know you should stop watching CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX etc (and stop looking at NYT for news) when the hardest hitting Donald Trump interview ever was in 1990 by an Asian-American woman not exactly known for being probing. Connie Chung is now 70 years old.

You may think you are informed, aware, and intelligent because you live in 2017, but quite frankly, the media is far less talented and dedicated to truth than it used to be, whether it's 10, 20, or 40 years ago. Even 40 years ago, the media was mendacious in this county. How do we know? The truth is Donald Trump could have been president as early as 1980, when Oprah Winfrey used to suck his dick on air as her frequent guest and ask him, "Would you ever run for president?" 1980! How many times did Trump appeared on David Letterman? I stopped counting at 15 appearances after searching YouTube. Do you think Seth Meyers, Colbert, Stewart, misogynist and islamophobe Bill Maher and the rest of the comedians that pass as real news are any better than Letterman? Do you think Connie Chung and Dan Rather were truth tellers? How about Rachel Maddow today?

Oprah claimed she was moving to Canada, yet did not make good on her promise that she would if Trump won. Yet, she helped create the media sensation that is Trump. She is the cause as early as 1980. Doesn't matter what she said in 2016. Her faux-rage, that's not why she's leaving the U.S. She claimed she was leaving because she feels morally superior and is richer than the peasants that she mislead even if she helped create the media monster almost 40 years ago. She is that Avon lady who misread the color matching makeup charts, got rich anyway, and left without giving refunds. Shall we applaud her and Letterman for their bold statements against Trump last year? Shall we rejoinder our retweets as Warren and other liberals angry-tweet Trump?

It is always a productive thing to value-add to those high visibility tweets, is it not? You probably aren't as stupid or fractionally as venal as those in mainstream media. You are an ordinary citizen, a special snowflake to be sure, no sarcasm intended. Yet, your inability to challenge corporate media, to not follow the money, to simply smash a "share" button in lieu of any questions, critiques, or qualms about if the reporting is even factually correct, omitting the truth, says corporate media has successfully brainwashed you. What happened to epistemology, truth vs. reality, debunking so-called neutrality and objectivity in reporting? Because there is none. Every single organization and journalist has a bias, a paycheck and a profit to made for shareholders. So, what is your relation to all that? To just click "share" like gerbils on treadmills? Or are you going to turn that stuff off? No to NYT, Wa-Po, HuffPo, Slate, MSM, FOX, Breitbart, anything on TV, Cable, FM, AM or Satellite. Yes to honesty and citizen's media.

Someday, we'll have the fancy TV studios, but for now, it's a bunch of snowflakes like me broadcasting from my living room. You may despise me on some level, the preaching I do. Where does he come up with the temerity to talk like this? Should he not be a meek Asian like Asians are supposed to be? How dare he critique our entertainment and traditional sources of information? Yes, he's somewhat smart, but he's so…arrogant. Kinda annoying that he's always right. The only guy to predict Trump would win… I could not care less. It's not about me. It's about you. I may be a problem for you, but at least I'm not the problem. So, what are you?, my friends who are too intimidated to even comment.

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