The Democrats Have A Donor Problem That Even Bernie Sanders Can’t Solve

Like a lot of people, I’m woke because of Bernie Sanders.

And like a growing number of people, I’m too woke for the post-election DNC propaganda Sanders is peddling to have its intended effect.

Correct-the-Record operatives on Twitter harass me non-stop about how my antipathy for Hillary Clinton helped elect Trump. That doesn’t bother me. I believe we’re better off with Trump than we would have been with Clinton because—as Jimmy Dore has long argued—Trump puts an ugly face on the ugly policies at the center of American life.

Progressivism would have remained asleep under Clinton the same way it’s slumbered under Barack Obama for eight years. Although I don’t expect Trump’s Department of Justice to protect children like Tamir Rice from homicidal cops any better than Obama’s did, I do expect people to pay closer attention to such injustices under Trump.

But there’s a different form of Brockbot harassment that does bother me because I see it working on some people. It takes the form of tweets like this:

The purpose of Lockett’s tweet is 1) to remind people that a Trump presidency is a horrifying prospect (which it certainly is); and 2) to drive those horrified people back into the arms of the Democrats as their only protection (which the Democrats certainly aren’t, as their neoliberal corruption is precisely what led to Trump’s rise in the first place).

Instead of acknowledging the glaring flaws of Clinton’s candidacy (pending FBI investigations are no big deal) and platform (even though the generals know that a no-fly zone in Syria will lead to war with Russia, that doesn’t really count as long as CNN finds something else to talk about), David Brock’s minions continue to focus on fearmongering about the GOP:

If Brock had not just met behind closed doors with George Soros, Neera Tanden, Keith Ellison, and the other Neoliberal masterminds who brought us the Trump presidency, this Hillbot nonsense would be easy to ignore.

But it’s difficult to ignore when Sanders himself participates, as he does in this speech:

It’s great to see Sanders calling out the failure of the Democratic Party, but chilling to see him transition immediately to cheering for a Soros puppet like Ellison, who is simply a male embodiment of Clinton’s war hawkishness. (The fact that Ellison also happens to be black and a Muslim is simply part of the identity politics screen behind which the DNC loves to hide its most destructive and oppressive policy priorities. Just as Obama’s pigmentation was an effective diversion from the racist incarceration state over which he presided, Ellison’s religion deflects attention from his eagerness to bomb Muslim children in Libya and Syria and anywhere else Soros desires.)

I don’t deny that Ellison supports some genuinely progressive policies. The problem is that the Democratic Party funnels all progressives to the same group of donors, and the insidious influence of those donors invariably compromises the progressive instincts of these candidates. Ellison’s progressivism is the window dressing that makes him palatable enough for voters to support him. But the end result is that the donors always get what they want from these candidates—while the voters who put them into office never do.

That’s too grand a claim for me to prove in one article, but I hope to make the case watertight with additional entries in the coming weeks.

For the time being, I want to make my overarching thesis as clear as possible:

Since Kshama Sawant is correct to label the Democratic Party a “graveyard” for progressives, the most important step the woke community can take towards defeating Trumpism is to move away from the Democrats as quickly as possible. I’m not saying we automatically have to get behind the Greens. I’m not saying we automatically have to form a new national third party. But I am saying that any progressive energy expended on behalf of the Democratic Party will be systematically opposed and dissipated by that party—even if the great Sanders says otherwise.

This truth is as painful for me as it is for anyone else who simply wants to fall back in line behind Sanders, but I have reached this conclusion based on evidence that I look forward to examining publicly (via these articles) as systematically as time permits.

The upshot is that when a Hillbot asks me what I’m doing to stop Trump, my answer is that I’m trying to persuade Nina Turner to leave the Democratic model of fundraising-via-bribery. Accepting such a challenge will require bravery on her part, as she would have to cut her ties to the dark money (almost certainly from Soros and other prominent DNC donors) that taints 501c4 outfits such as Our Revolution.

I look forward to donating my time, energy, and money to the first political leader with nationwide recognition who has the courage to stand up to Trump by recognizing that we must first stand up to the Democratic machine that created him. In the meantime, the Hillbots harassing me are wasting their time (except that I guess they aren’t since they’re getting paid by Brock, who’s getting paid by Soros, who’s also paying Ellison).

For now, I’ll just let this tweet from Smithee sink in:

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