Please Stop Protesting Donald Trump

He’s not even in office yet! Protesting the actions of a President, when that President hasn’t even been sworn in and therefore has very little in the way of actions to judge them against, is unproductive. There are many that will stop reading right here, if they made it past the title, assuming I must be some kind of Trump fan, or at least Republican. I can assure you neither are the case.

I’m not saying Trump shouldn’t be held accountable for the crazy things he did and said before he got elected, or even that he did them just to get elected; but that was then, and this is now. Let’s judge the man based on right now, and the evidence he’s giving us so far is (mostly) encouraging. Right after winning an election, is the time when most politicians say “screw you” to their constituents, as their position is now secure. In comparison, Trump has at least appeared outwardly to want to embrace some important ideas not only of the left, but of the progressive left. He does not HAVE to do that.

He fired his corporate initiation team; he’s denounced racist violence, and violent protests; he’s not going to overturn gay marriage; he basically killed the TPP and might rescind NAFTA; is against regime change in Syria (which is illegal under international law anyway) and doesn’t want war with Russia; he’s pledged to invest money putting people to work on infrastructure; and he’s said he will only be paid $1 per year as president.

Yes, some may say these are “tokens,” but pocket change adds up when you have enough of it, and again, he doesn’t HAVE to do any of it. Meanwhile, people are out in droves, protesting against the candidate, now President-elect, doing all of that, because their candidate, who opposed most of those decisions, lost.

One of the protest mantras I’m hearing is “He’s building his brand!” stated in a pseudo-victimized way, as if he were going to abuse the system in order to make money. You mean like the Clinton Foundation’s quid pro quo money laundering scheme, with “500 conflicts of interest” concerning Bill Clinton?

You’re looking at it the wrong way.

Who do you think will be buying his “brand?” Well, yes, anybody MIGHT buy it, but how much will it be worth, if the majority of Americans (and citizens of other countries) hate him? We are all, mutually invested in his brand. If he performs to our liking and winds up by some windfall to actually be “a good president,” then he makes bank. If he’s horrible, and everyone winds up hating him even more than they already do, then the value of his stock collapses.

“But what about the millions and millions of horrible, racist homophobic woman-haters who voted for Trump, and got him elected? Won’t he have to pander to them?” I hear you asking.

To which I can only say, please turn off your television, and smash it. In fact, please cancel your cable subscription, because all you’re getting for your money are lies. First of all, believe it or not, only a small percentage of Trump supporters are actually racist, wife-beating KKK members. If Trump is a smart businessman, which he is in spite of his bankruptcies, then he won’t play that demographic anymore. I want my president to do a good job, I also want to know he’s doing it because American voters are the ones invested. On that basis, I for one am strongly in favor of Trump’s “brand.”

And I’m sure many are asking, “That’s all well and good, but… why try to paint Trump in any kind of favorable light, when he seems content to portray himself as Lex Luthor?”

Let’s just say that, in light of some of the revelations from Wikileaks, we have, all of us, become increasingly aware of some of the propaganda and directed-thought campaigns employed by both main factions of our government in the US, and their various news tentacles, particularly on the DNC side, but on both sides. Over and over again in leaked emails, we have seen a focus, not on issues and policies that will actually win over voters, but OPTICS, or how the DNC will appear to voters, based on their ethnicity, gender, age, income, etc. Couple that with the built-in bipartisan attack/excuse rhetoric, and there’s no telling what’s legal anymore, let alone accurate. With this awareness comes a certain level of mistrust for the oft-spun paradigms of establishment politics, and mainstream media. We must all be aware, not just what we think, but the messages, images, and words which brought us to those thoughts, AND the motives behind those who would sway us with them.

Yes, Trump provided enough, straight from the orange horse’s mouth, to mistrust him. Yes, he has declared bankruptcy enough times to elicit serious questions about his judgment. But there is still room to hope, in spite of what will inevitably be wrong with the coming administration. And yes, the establishment is desperate to convince you that Donald Trump is part of the establishment, but keep in mind this is the SAME establishment that tried, over and over again, to convince you that Hillary Clinton was NOT part of the establishment.


THANK YOU Republican party, for cutting Trump’s funding right before the general election, endorsing his opponent, and providing absolutely NO incentive for him to do anything you want, ever. You don’t support him. He doesn’t work for you. We got it. We’re okay with that.

THANK YOU DNC, for inciting riots at Trump’s rallies, eliminating any claim to any moral high ground that you may have had, in illegally disrupting Trump’s campaign, providing absolutely ZERO incentive for him to fulfill any of your elitist, corporate-funded neocon agenda. You are “the opposite of him.” We get it. We’re okay with that.

THANK YOU, US political establishment, for summoning the Kraken that backfired on your plans, and who now has a golden opportunity to tell everybody how wrong they were about him (including me). Let’s see what (else) he does. All I’m saying is, let’s keep an open mind. HE CANNOT BE ELECTED. We know. But then he was. So far I’m (mostly) okay with that.

Trump, it’s just us and you now.

Don’t frack it up.

Don’t legislate hate, or racism.

Don’t embroil us in perpetuated conflict for profit in the Middle East.

Don’t let corporations get away with murder.

Don’t sell us out.

Don’t give even more tax breaks to billionaires.

…Or you will literally never see the end of the protests, and you will deserve every one of them.

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