Jacqueline Luqman Interviews Misty K. Snow

Misty K. Snow is a prime example of how a regular American can make a difference in the political process. Formerly a cashier in a grocery store, Misty saw that Jonathan Swinton, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Utah, was aligned more and more with policies and special interests that were against the principles she believed in, and the things that were important to her. She watched with growing concern as no one in the Salt Lake City Democratic community challenged Swinton on his avowed Conservative values – even as he identifies as a Democrat – and made a crucial decision; she decided to run against him. With no experience in running for public office, Misty – who was working as a grocery store cashier – felt her way through the filing processes and deadlines to declare her candidacy and get her campaign off the ground. She had only one person who supported her to work on her campaign at the time, but with that person’s help, Misty was able to speak to several groups that traditionally support the Democratic party, and earned the support and admiration of many of them. Even as a transgender woman in religiously-conservative Salt Lake City, Utah, Misty has earned the support of many. According to her, “They don’t care about who I am. They only care about the issues I represent.” It is certainly groundbreaking that Misty is one of two transgender candidates running in this year’s elections; but what is even more spectacular is that she is a serious contender for the Democratic Senate seat, deciding to run for office when she was “just” a cashier in a grocery store. Regardless of the outcome of Misty’s race, her story serves as an inspiration and a wake-up call to the rest of us: there is nothing to stop you from changing YOUR world. Nothing.

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