Help Real Progressives

Real Progressives is working to build an organization worthy of taking on the establishment with our 4 Pillars approach:

1. Activism
2. Education
3. Media
4. Policy/Governance

Within the 4 pillars we will be addressing our key subject areas via horizontal areas of focus:

1. Economic Justice
2. Environmental and Ecological Justice
3. Peace with Justice
4. Equality
5. Democracy

Within the 4 verticals and 5 horizontals, we hope to change the world in both thought and deed. But we need your help.

Please Become a Patron! by donating to Real Progressives to help us with our start- up costs as a contribution to our efforts within the revolution we are all fighting. Your support is critical in our efforts to challenge the establishment.

Our efforts are non-partisan yet our mission speaks for itself:

To bring progress out of the shadows and into the mainstream.

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