The Democrats Must Be Destroyed to Build a People’s Party

As I peruse the receipts of corruption and betrayal otherwise known as the Podesta email leaks, it seems clear as day that there never was and there will never be a place for young people, progressives, socialists, environmentalists or anti-war activists in the democratic party—in fact, it seems the democrats have earned their place beside our wealthy rulers by subverting & incrementalizing¹ people’s movements for social, racial, environmental, & economic justice. With every new leak, the evidence of the party’s corruption becomes harder for even their co-conspirators in the corporate media to spin or ignore—but when will their voters abandon them?

So long as our country withers in the clown-shaped shadow of Donald Trump, it seems unlikely—nevermind that the leaks revealed the Democrats conspired to elevate Trump’s candidacybelieving that pushing the GOP to the right would help Clinton win in November!

There is, of course, no doubt that a Trump presidency would be awful—but this is where I have to disagree with Bernie Sanders. The people’s greatest enemy is not the GOP, anymore—our greatest enemy is the Democratic party.

Democrats will do Anything to Prevent a People’s Party

Election after election, the liberals demand that young activists, progressives, and popular movements compromise and take the backseat to their incessant power struggles—and, often enough, the left has reluctantly thrown their support behind the corporatist democratic party. And where has that gotten us?

Wasn’t it Democrats who passed NAFTA and oversaw the dawn of mass incarceration and the racist police state? Wasn’t it Democrats who threw the environment under the bus by peddling hydraulic fracturing and expanding offshore drilling?

And who deprived you of your right to vote? Tell me, was it the Republicans—or was it the Democrats? Say what you want about the GOP—but at least the Republican peasants are allowed to vote!

The corporatist democrats know that a people’s party, led by the living will of the majority, would easily defeat the GOP at the polls²—and where would that leave them? What if the lukewarm incrementalism of the Democratic party had to compete in a real democracy and not just against Republicans?

The World Doesn’t Have Time to Wait for the Democrats

The democrats that are in power currently appear to be aiming for a second Cold War, while our scientists shout from the rooftops that we are killing the planet that sustains us. The world does not have time for the stupid and destructive warmongering of a slightly-less-evil-than-the-GOP party” nor can it endure more spineless liberals whose donors and investments make them incapable of taking immediate action on climate or curtailing the profit of the military-industrial complex.

“Wait,” is the Democrats’ refrain. Change, we’re told, will come when it’s easier, when it’s expedient, when it’s convenient—when it’s profitable. They refuse to take up the cause of the Earth, of the marginalized, or of the working poor and yet, if even 2 or 3% support a candidate who will, the democrats and their puppets in the media hurl ridicule at them or accuse them of working for the Republicans! But how can Democrats blame anyone for what the GOP may do, when they themselves intentionally fan the flames of conservative extremism to benefit themselves, as the Podesta emails show?

The Democrats Must Be Destroyed to Make Way for the Democracy

As Democrats themselves made absolutely clear in the PDF of their “goals & strategies,” they view right-wing extremism as a helpful tool to elect Democrats to positions of power. Like July’s DNC leaks, the Podesta emails show both the DNC and Clinton’s campaign working with propagandists embedded in the corporate “news” media to sabotage the people’s candidate, Bernie Sanders—but now we know the Democrats’ goal was also to force Republican candidates “to lock themselves into extreme conservative positions that will hurt them in a general election.” And now the hypocrites want our help & our votes because we must stop Trump?

If the democrats really wanted to stop Trump, they’d nominate Bernie Sanders—but stopping Trump is not their number one priority. Those who vote for the supposed “lesser evil,” Hillary Clinton, must understand they’re voting for a party which intentionally elevated the neo-fascist “pied pipers,” Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for their own benefit. The electoral situation that we are in is the situation the Democrats wanted—this is a fact. Tell me, why won’t they work for the same kind of situation in 2020 and 2024 and so on, as long as it keeps working? And, if the lesser evil helps create the greater evil, isn’t a vote for the lesser evil also a vote for greater future evils? Or perhaps we’ll just ask them nicely to cut it out…?

No, the Democratic party should be destroyed. They would be more useful to us as a monument to the ruin and disgrace that awaits the usurpers of the people’s rightful power…  

The People United Will Never Be Defeated

Our country is in turmoil. Black blood runs in our streets while our rulers and the wardens of for-profit prisons feast at the same tables—our borders open to devour capital and the fruits of our neighbors’ labor, but close without feeling in the faces of refugees and the pieces of the families we’ve deported. The Earth itself groans beneath the wheels of their injustice and the sea turns black and lifeless in the wake of corporate profit!

Regardless of which future prevails in November, great challenges await the people of the United States—but, if progressives keep fastened the bonds of solidarity and extend themselves in friendship and mutual cooperation to the other people’s movements, we will form a coalition that will lay the corporatists low and make our country great—not again, but for the very first time!

In solidarity,
John Laurits

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¹ Yes, I just made up that word—as a journalist who is also an artist, I am actually uniquely positioned to invent words as I please. In case the meaning isn’t clear, to “incrementalize” is to break up an event into smaller events that occur over a longer period time.

² A mere 24% of the US identify themselves as republicans—just imagine what it would be like right now, if the democrats were gone & 76% of the voters could have a lively national debate about which third party candidate they’d prefer to the neo-fascist Trump! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? No one to shout about how your candidate was a “spoiler” or bully you into voting for evil—and with 76% of us free to vote against a Trump however we’d like, for whomever we’d like!

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