Real Progressives’ Trending on Twitter #PayToPlay

#PayToPlay has been trending on Twitter. It seems that Hillary Clinton cannot get away from the allegations that donations to her foundation would give big money interests access to her and the US government. In an article from August, Business Insider referenced a situation that some would contend is rather questionable:

In one of the emails, Douglas Band, an executive at the Clinton Foundation, appeared to bypass normal State Department channels to request a meeting for Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain.

“Good friend of ours,” he wrote Huma Abedin, a top Clinton aide.

The meeting was later arranged.

Another email exchange showed Band seemingly attempting to assist Casey Wasserman, president of the Wasserman Foundation and a top Clinton Foundation donor, with getting a visa for a person having trouble because of a “criminal charge.”

Abedin wrote to Band that getting involved in the matter “makes me nervous.” Band then advised her not to.

It seems this has angered many people. Here is a few of the angry tweets directed at Secretary Clinton and her foundation:

As the last tweet illustrates, Trump and his supporters have pointed out ethical incongruities regarding the Clinton Foundation’s connection with Hillary during her tenure as Secretary of State. There’s just one problem. Claims have been raised about the Republican candidate’s involvement in a similar unethical arrangement: 

As we see, both establishment candidates have ethical issues that should preclude anyone from voting for them. In order to break the cycle of voting for the ‘lesser evil’, we must instead vote for a candidate of integrity. One that does not involve themselves in the same big money games that the establishment plays. One that does not use fear to coerce the electorate into voting for them. That candidate is the current presidential candidate of the Green Party, Jill Stein. She is the candidate that should be chosen to become the next president!

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