Lesser Evilism is No Longer an Option

What we were all afraid of happened: Hillary officially won the nomination. #‎BernieOrBust is now at bust. We hoped that it wouldn’t come to this and that there was a modicum of fairness left in the Democratic party: but, alas, there is none.

We have all been subjugated by the binary system too long. We’ve been cajoled to vote for the lesser evil for too long and too often. Now, we see what the results of voting for the lesser evil truly get you: a greater evil!

We are left with the 2 worst candidates that the binary system has ever put before us: Hillary and Donald. And it’s our fault. We should have stood up long ago and stopped serving this corrupt system. However, we do have a choice going forward.

Right now, that choice is a massive #‎DemExit and showing the DNC that our votes are no longer to be taken for granted. We now see the system’s inertia against true change and see we can’t beat the machine from inside it. It’s time to stand ground with our brothers and sisters to do what’s necessary to save our democracy!

No longer should we rely on a political party alone to represent our interests. We need to speak about what we need from a candidate or office-holder, regardless of party. No more voting straight tickets: that tells the believers in the binary system that your vote is cheap. Make every single politician earn it!

So, what are our options now? We know that the Democratic party doesn’t want us and the conservatives of today do not deserve a single vote from us. What we need to do is support the woman candidate for president that does have our best interests at heart: Jill Stein!

By doing this, we are finally renouncing lesser evilism and actually voting for our best interests instead of against our worst fears. She stands for what we believe in. She is the continuation of what Bernie so eloquently spoke of during his campaign. She is our beacon to focus on in the dark of this presidential election now. Also, while doing so, we cannot forget our progressive candidates for Congress like Tim Canova, Zephyr Teachout, amongst others! We also need to vote for progressives locally. The only way to change this corrupt system is to remove every corporate politician that we see!

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