The Struggle is Real

The sample conversation below is why the Democratic Party lost most progressives: too willing to vote against someone but not willing to vote for policies that will help yourself and others:

RP: Man, Accelerated Climate change is going to wipe out civilization as it simultaneously fuels terrorism and breeds the next capitalist fight for survival: water wars…

Vote Blues: this is no time for ideological purity! We must defeat Trump, you child!

RP: Our interventionist foreign policy is breeding terrorism and most of the policies causing it are championed by warmonger Hillary Clinton!

Vote Blues: But Trump must be defeated, you spoiled brats!!!

RP: But Hillary has put the CIA to work destabilizing Honduras, Libya, and a host of other countries like Syria, and will only make our war machine and surveillance state ratchet up to even higher levels… while subsequently creating political vacuums that bring groups like ISIS into power.

Vote Blues: But we can’t let Trump have the Nuclear Codes: what are you, children?

RP: Trump is a prop and a reality TV star. He has never masterminded any of the destruction Clinton has done and while both are vile, only one has a proven record of Killing Gaddafi and laughing…

Vote Blues: Well, I guess you want Trump then, you jerk!

RP: NO… we just know you will never stand against Clinton who would do more than say horrible things… and that makes her the greatest threat to the world.

Vote Blues: Bbbbbbut… Nader

RP: Exactly… we unite against Trump but dullards would defend Clinton… game, set, and match.

Vote for Jill Stein. Vote your values, not fear.

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