How Clinton and GOP Leaders are Using the Trump Campaign to Turn America into a One Party Neoliberal Disaster

This election year seems to become more insane by the minute. With the obvious insanity of Donald Trump and the more insidious calculations of Hillary Clinton, it’s becoming clear that talks of conspiracy are more than accurate. In fact, I can see how Clinton and GOP leaders are working together to consolidate a base of power that will leave out the majority of Americans.

Already, GOP leaders by the dozens are starting to endorse Clinton. They fear the randomness of Trump’s behavior (because it’s something they cannot anticipate). They are afraid of what he says and does not just because of his unpredictability, but also because their corporate donors don’t want him to be the representation of what they want to be done in the dark.

Also, you have to look at the Trump campaign directly. It seems like he is purposely sabotaging any chance of bringing the majority of Americans into his camp. That is not the strategy of any serious candidate for president. Also, consider his history with the Clintons. He has donated money to their campaigns in the past. It is not outside the realm of imagination to consider the Trump campaign as a farce to negate any real choice in this presidential campaign season.

You also need to consider what Hillary and her campaign have begun to do as well. Already, the campaign is targeting GOP donors to help fund her campaign against Trump. Considering how much the DNC and Correct The Record worked to silence progressives during this campaign season, it tends to further the view that both sides of the establishment are working together to restrict presidential choices.

Now, let’s bring it all together. Clinton worked with the DNC to silence progressives. The GOP is basically leaving Trump at the altar while some of their leaders are working to make a “Republicans for Hillary” base. This suggests collusion by the establishment wings of both parties to shut out those who do not believe in them.

In conclusion, this is the worst election season in a long time, with possibly the worst candidates ever placed by the two parties. This is no coincidence. There is enough information to suggest that both are working together to destroy any chance of change that benefits the American people. It is time that we all stop supporting a system that robs Americans of their most precious right, privilege, and responsibility: the ability to vote for the candidate you believe in instead of voting against candidates that you fear!


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