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Positive change only happens when we work together to make our voices heard. Real Progress in Action uses our global platform to augment and activate that change for a better outcome – for all of us.

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Who is this site for?

  • Knowledge seekers looking for fact-based, reliable information.
  • Volunteers looking for tools, resources, events and organizations near them working on the issues they care about.
  • Community groups and organizations that need volunteers, tools, resources and expert advice. We help drive traffic to your events and your message.
  • Leaders looking for ideas and resources to help them overcome hurdles and learn from each other to build a coalition of Progressive leaders.
  • Professional organizers and experts in campaigns seeking to put their skills to work.

Content Organized by Knowledge Areas


Economic Justice

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) provides a hyper-accurate description of how money works in a modern economy. It explains how governments that issue their own sovereign currencies do not face the same constraints as state or city governments that use the national currency. This has profound implications on public policy and citizens’ wellbeing.

Environmental and Ecological Justice​

Examines how climate change impacts existing ecological systems and analyzes remediation proposals for environmental policies globally.

Peace with Justice

Discussions about achieving peaceful resolutions internationally and domestically. Justice is a recognition that agreements mutually reached endure.

Equality with Justice

Without equality there is no justice. This observation is promoted across all societal, civic and legal interactions; as well as interpersonally and systemically.


Identifies and describes the successes and failures of democratic institutions’ actions to achieve the public purpose, promotes democratic ideals.

Technology and Innovation

Explains, reflects and projects how technology and innovative ideas impact all aspects of our institutions down to our daily routines.

Health and Wellbeing

Covers access to health care, healthy food and lifestyles. The purpose is to seek global improvements in the well being of everyone, everywhere.

Who we work with

As a nonpartisan, policy driven, fact-based organization, we understand integrity matters most. Through this lens, we bridge the gap between leading MMT experts and the world, helping leaders, organizers, and volunteers optimize efforts for mutual success.

Academic and Policy Experts

Our Advisory Board meets quarterly to review our performance, plan for the time ahead, and discuss new developments in academia, political consultancy, and other strategic areas.

Organizational Leaders and Activists

We support the work of independent organizations and augment their efforts through a network of problem solvers and resources that help community leaders turn a great idea into reality. This includes public funding for expert organizers and consultants to help local communities achieve their goals.

This is where action meets purpose

Join the movement where  together we will make a difference. Our network of allied groups combines passion and grassroots organizing. We provide the platform, the voice, and policy expertise to bridge the gap between academics, lawmakers, and working families. Join in the movement to create a caring economy that works for all of us.

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